IPB Faculty Members Eve Wurtele and Diane Bassham are Developing the Award-winning Computer Game, Meta!Blast (metablast.org).


IPB faculty members Eve Wurtele and Diane Bassham are developing the award-winning computer game, Meta!Blast (metablast.org). 

Meta!Blast takes the player on an metabolic adventure within a 3D photosynthetic cell.

Recent Meta!Blast awards include:

- Meta!Blast Won the People’s Choice Award in SciVis 2013 Science Magazine and National Science Foundation

Featured in Science, 2014 Feb

- Meta!Blast 3D interactive application for cell and metabolic biology. Level 1: the cell.  Honorable mention 2011 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. 

Featured in: Science 335:533.

- Featured at the 2012 American Association for Advancement of Science Annual Meeting

- International Science and Engineering Challenge Finalist, Illustration (The Cytosol). Science Magazine and National Science Foundation.