Fellowships and Assistantships


Fellowships & Assistantships

Students pursuing a research-based graduate degree in the sciences at Iowa State University are normally supported on fellowships or assistantships for twelve months per year. Assistantships may be for research or teaching. Fellowships are restricted to research and advanced study.

Several sources of financial assistance are available to graduate college applicants in Interdepartmental Plant Biology. There are no special forms to file or additional information required to be considered for an award. Simply indicate your wish to be considered for a research assistantship on the appropriate line of the Graduate College Application. Applicants automatically will be considered for all four categories of assistance.

Graduate College Fellowships pay a stipend ranges from $1,200 to $2,600 per month, depending on the program, for the first year and allow an incoming student to do rotations through several faculty labs before choosing a professor for degree work.

Research Assistantships (RA) are funded from faculty grants or contracts. When funded from this source the student will work with the faculty member to whom the grant was awarded. Beginning stipends vary among departments.

Teaching Assistantships (TA) are funded from the teaching budgets of participating departments. The student may choose a professor from among the Plant Biology faculty of the department providing the TA.

All graduate students on assistantships have signed a Graduate Assistantship Letter of Intent that lists the terms and conditions of their appointment. Generally, graduate assistantship appointments are on a "one-half time" basis. "Half-time" is the maximum time appointment for graduate students since the other half of your time is spent as a student in graduate studies and research. Appointments may be terminated by mutual consent or for cause as described in the Graduate College Handbook. If you have any questions regarding your appointment, see the IPB Program Chair.


Ph.D. students on assistantship for at least three months of the fall and spring semesters (six weeks in the summer), who maintain a 3.0 GPA and are making good progress towards their degree received a full tuition scholarship. Students are responsible for fees and text books.

M.S. students on an assistantship for at least three months of the fall and spring semesters (six weeks in the summer), maintaining a 3.0 GPA and making good progress toward their degree receive a 50% tuition scholarship, assessed at the in-state rates. Students are responsible for the remaining tuition, fees and textbooks.

Information on tuition and fees can be found here or at http://www.registrar.iastate.edu/fees/.

Spouses of students on assistantship who enroll at Iowa State are assessed in-state tuition rates.

Benefits for ISU students on ISU stipend include Health insurance, Workman Compensation, sick leave of 1.5 days per month, eligibility for ISU Credit Union membership.