IPB Fall Seminar: Bibechana Adhikari

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 4:10pm

Bibechana Adhikari will be presenting, "Analysis of early endosperm development in maize,” in the 2016 IPB student seminar series (PLBIO 696). Event will be located in 1420 Molecular Biology Building. Light refreshments will be available prior to the seminar.


In flowering plants, second fertilization gives rise to the endosperm which is an absorptive structure that supports embryo development and seedling germination. Endosperm in cereal grain contains large amounts of carbohydrates and protein storage product that serves as an important source of food, feed, and industrial raw materials. Despite its obvious importance for grain yield, little is known of the GRNs that direct the pattern of early endosperm development. To characterize this, we are focusing on early endosperm development (0-15 days after pollination) in maize which is a critical formative period when kernel storage capacity is established, and the time kernel development is most sensitive to stresses such as drought. One of the other goal is to analyze drought stress response to reveal the mechanism by which drought impacts GRNs and yield during early endosperm development. Therefore, an understanding of how early endosperm development is controlled will contribute to improving cereal grain yield and quality with direct and indirect beneficial effects on human nutrition and economic development.