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IPB seminar series (P Phy 696)

GDCB 696 (same as P Phy 696P) is a research seminar series required for all IPB students throughout their graduate period. It comprises the fall series and the spring series. Both seminar series are organized by the students and led by a faculty instructor.

The fall series is mainly a faculty research seminar series with a defined theme. The purpose is to keep abreast with the state of art technologies or hot research topics of interest to the IPB students. Both on- and off- campus researchers/experts are invited.

The spring series is devoted to student presentations. It is a forum that provides an opportunity for IPB students to share their research progress with their peers. It is also designed to help students to improve their oral presentation skills as well as abilities in critical evaluation of scientific presentation.

MS students are required to make two presentations (including one exit seminar).

Ph. D. students are required to make four presentations. Specifically, the first seminar must be during the student’s first year and is a 20 minutes seminar. This entry seminar can either be the student’s previous research project prior to the IPB graduate study or a review of other people’s research. The second seminar is suggested to be the research proposal of your Ph.D. program. The third should be a research progress report and the last presentation must be an exit seminar.

Attendance of the seminar series is important. Only one un-excused absence is allowed.

IPB Fall seminar series (archives)

IPB Spring seminar series (archives)

Student seminar abstract/bio template (PDF)