Dr. Jeffrey Wolt


I am a risk analyst affiliated with the Biosafety Institute for Genetically Modified Agricultural Products (BIGMAP) and serve as the co-director of the Crop Bioengineering Center. My program focuses on the evaluation and communication of the risks and benefits associated with the products and processes of new technologies in plant agriculture. My research seeks to apply formal risk analysis approaches in biotechnology. Current efforts are keyed to genome-engineering for novel plant traits; plants as production systems for novel proteins; and food and environmental safety issues pertaining to genetically-engineered plants and their products. I also do training and consultation on biosafety risk assessment for interested and affected parties locally, nationally, and internationally. I teach graduate courses in risk assessment and regulatory toxicology for biological systems and an undergraduate course in agricultural sustainability. I am a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy. My primary academic interest is soil solution chemistry.

Area of Expertise: 
Soil Science
Ph.D., Auburn University
M.S., Auburn University
B.S., Colorado State University