Marna D Yandeau-Nelson

Associate Professor
This is a picture of Dr. Marna Yandeau-Nelson

Dr. Marna Yandeau-Nelson’s research interests focus on the dissection of the genetic networks that underlie metabolic processes in plants.  Currently, the group is integrating classical and molecular genetic, biochemistry, metabolomic, computational and bioinformatic approaches to dissect the metabolic and gene networks that underlie the accumulation of surface lipids on developing maize silks.   A second aspect to this project is the assessment of the protective capacities that these surface lipids confer against biotic and abiotic environmental stresses as well as the determination of the extent to which surface lipid accumulation is modulated by environmental cues.  Our work has potential practical applications in the development of biorenewable fuels and chemicals, as well as plant breeding for protection of crops against environmental stresses.

Area of Expertise: 
Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology; Cuticular Lipids
B.S., Biology, Drake University, 1998
Ph.D., Genetics, Iowa State University, 2005
Post-Doctoral Scholar, Biochemistry, Penn State University, 2008
+1 515 294 1079
4138 BRL