Dr. Yanhai Yin

Associate Professor
Photograph of Yanhai Yin

Dr. Yanhai Yin's research is focused on understanding how plant growth and development are controlled by internal growth regulators (hormones) in response to environmental cues, focusing on plant steroid hormones called brassinosteroids and a new signaling pathway (represented by HERCULES receptor kinases) that promotes plant growth and stress tolerance. We are using multidisciplinary approaches including genetics, genomics, biochemistry, cell biolog, phenomics and computational modeling to define the molecular mechanisms and genetic networks through which plant steroid hormone and other regulators control gene expression and plant growth, development and responses to environment.

Area of Expertise: 
Plant Molecular Biology
Plant Development Biology
Ph.D., Macromolecular and Cellular Structure and Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute, 1997
M.S., Cell Biology and Genetics, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1988
B.S., Biology, Sichuan University, 1985
1035D Roy J Carver Co-Lab