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Gaut10 is a novel regulator of root meristem maintenance

From the Kelley lab: Gaut10 is a novel regulator of root meristem maintenance

About Plant Biology

The Interdepartmental Plant Biology (IPB), previously Interdepartmental Plant Physiology Major (IPPM), educates scientists in basic plant biology, including but not limiting to plant molecular biology, plant cell biology, plant physiology, and plant organismal biology and provides training in the most state of the art methods and technologies. Graduate study in IPB, leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. Degrees, is offered through eight participating departments: AgronomyBiochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology (BBMB)Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE)ChemistryEcology, Evolution and Organismal Biology (EEOB)Genetics Development & Cell Biology (GDCB)Horticulture, and Plant Pathology.

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Recent Publications

Lubberstedt Lab: Major locus for spontaneous haploid genome doubling detected by a case–control GWAS in exotic maize germplasm. Theor Appl Genet. (2021)

Peters Lab: A (conditional) role for labdane‐related diterpenoid natural products in rice stomatal closure. New Phytol. (2021)

Yu Lab: Status and prospects of genome‐wide association studies in plants. Plant Genome. 2021;e20077. (2021)

Bassham lab: COST1 regulates autophagy to control plant drought tolerance. PNAS 117 (13) 7482-7493 (2020)

Wendel lab: The miR319-targeted GhTCP4 promotes the transition from cell elongation to wall thickening in cotton fiber. Molecular Plant 13 (7), 1063-1077 (2020)

MacIntosh lab: Organellar and Secretory Ribonucleases: Major Players in Plant RNA Homeostasis. Plant Physiology 183 (4) 1438-1452 (2020)

Schnable lab: Shared Genetic Control of Root System Architecture between Zea mays and Sorghum bicolor. Plant Physiology  182 (2) 977-991 (2020)

Yu lab: Genomic prediction of maize microphenotypes provides insights for optimizing selection and mining diversity. Plant Biotechnol. J., (2020)

Peters lab: Introducing selective agrochemical manipulation of gibberellin metabolism into a cereal crop. Nature Plants 6, 67–72 (2020)

Nikolau lab: Maize Glossy2 and Glossy2-like Genes Have Overlapping and Distinct Functions in Cuticular Lipid Deposition. Plant Physiology 183 (3) 840-853 (2020)