Faculty Committees


Supervisory Committee (2014)

Yanhai Yin, (Chair), GDCB
Steve Whitham, Plant Path
Madan Bhattacharyya, Agron
David Hannapel, Hort
Diane Bassham, BBMB
Kan Wang, Agron

Student Recruitment and Admission Committee

David Hannapel (Chair), Hort
Gustavo MacIntosh, BBMB
Ling Li, GDCB
Yanhai Yin, GDCB

Curriculum Committee

Madan Bhattacharyya (Chair), Agron
Reuben Peters, BBMB
Mark Westgate, Agron
Eve Wurtele, GDCB

Faculty Credentials Committee

Bing Yang (Chair), GDCB
Phil Becraft, GDCB
Steven Rodermel, GDCB

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